lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

It took a little more than a year.... but Novell crumbled nevertheless

Do you remember when you opened your browser to get the latest news on Nov 3rd 2006? I do. I just couldn't believed my eyes when I learned that Novell had signed this deal with Microsoft..... and if that's not enough, how about bad mouth developers of FLOSS everywhere (the same guys who largely develop the product Novell was trying to get money from) saying that if you (we... I still do a little FLOSS development as personal side projects) didn't want to get into trouble you better do your work for free? Ain't that lovely? As a summary, it was a very deceptive turn of events.

I remember back then that someone from Red Hat made a comment somewhere (it's not a press release, I think.... I checked on their site for the press releases around the time) that they felt comfortable with the move. That within a year Novell would have been zapped into oblivion as each and everyone of the previous partners Microsoft had gone to bed with had.

I found this article (from Dan Lyon's) while trying to find the quote I'm telling you about and it's basically the same thing. Well... it took a little more that one year but Novell did crumble after all.

I wonder if there are other companies out there that are still willing to change their luck with a Microsoft partnership.

PS In the Dan Lyon's article, there's a note for Red Hat: When companies start talking about Microsoft "validating" their market, they're usually about to be validated out of existence. I say, it sounds like it's going to take a little more than RH talking about Microsoft validating their market in order to throw the company down.

martes, 4 de enero de 2011

Stop complaining about Unity and suck it up!

It's been a couple of months since Mark Shuttleworth dropped the bomb that Canonical intends to use Unity instead of the GNOME shell as the default shell in Ubuntu.... and I'm still reading about how the GNOME community could be torn apart by this decision.

Have these same people sat down to think how the people involved with KDE feel about Canonical's push for GNOME instead of KDE in Ubuntu? It's no secret that Kubuntu is not the best KDE-based distribution out there (I'll give you up that I'm a Kubuntu user myself, I use the PPA for KDE for Kubuntu and I don't use GNOME that much). Then why so much hair pulling because of Canonical's push for Unity instead of the GNOME shell? These people might just as well suck it up, get off the ground, remove the dust from their shoulders and continue working on their beloved environment.... you know, the way the developers of KDE do.